My father was born in Svilajinac, as a child of a postwar “rebuilding the country” project. My granny was born on the island of Hvar, and my grandfather was her second husband, she married him after the communists had killed her first one. My grandfather was from Slovenia. His father was Jewish, he came from Germany, and his father had come from France. I believe he was the descendant of Jesus... My grandfather’s mother was from the Uskok people. She lived in a forest away from people and her hair was down to her feet long. My mother was born in Tekeris. When she was a baby, she was bitten by a werewolf... Her father was killed and her mother was often strangled by the witches. I am Boris Sribar, born in 1979, in Sabac, Serbia. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture Dept. in Belgrade.

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