What is my citizenship?

What is my citizenship What Is My Citizenship is exhibited at Steirischer Herbst, in Graz, Austria. It is about prejudices and stereotypes based on one's citizenship. I photographed more than 200 people, all of them my acquaintances and all citizens of Serbia. Each person gave a statement, something they wanted written below the portrait: personal, but without revealing where they were coming from. The portraits were presented through different media: as a slide show on facades of 2 Graz buildings, as stickers and a giant print (7x8m). From the exhibition' official review: "What is your citizenship? Looks at the tensions between a city and the different people who inhabit it. More than two hundred people from the artist's environment - look down on us from the facades of Graz. Sribar asked all of these people about their lives. However, all of the interviewees were only asked for one sentence that seems particularly important to them. The people where more prepared to disclose information from their private sphere than to talk about world events. As a result, we learn about their wishes, dreams, feelings or what is currently on their minds." find more about this project at: www.whatismycitizenship.webs.com

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