Resume / CV



·        Born in 1979. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2005.

Solo Shows

2013 "ASYL" Kunsthalle, Berlin, Germany

2013 "AZIL" Gallery Culture Center Belgrade, Serbia

2012 "I Have It All", Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2010  “Male Thing”, Gallery Remont, Beograd, Serbia

2010  “I Eat Everything”, Culture Center Sopot, Serbia

2006  Enthusiasm of Boris Sribar, Gallery DOB, Belgrade, Serbia

2006  Arm-Wrestling Competition between Art Theorists and Artists, Gallery New Moment, Belgrade, Serbia

2004  “Father & Son”, Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Serbia           


Group Shows /selection/ 

2014 "ASYL" Informal Mind, Elbasan, Albania

2013 54th October Salon "Nobody Belong Here More Than You", Belgrade, Serbia

2012 The Biennial of Young Artists, Bucharest, Romania

2012 Queer Salon, Belgrade, Serbia

2010 Visual Container Milan, Italy

2010 Performance Intermedia Festival Szczecin, Poland

2010  “Bermude”, UBSM, Belgarde, Serbia

2009  C o l o g n e O F F, Cologne Online Film Festival

2009  “What is my citizenship” Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria

2008  Fill Out the Empty Space, Muzej, Belgrade, Serbia

2008  Revisiting Belgrade, Hotel Casina, Serbia

2008 21 Countries 21 Artists at UBER, Sweden

2007  Re_set:[01], Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo, Serbia

2006  Defense of the Nature, Biennale, Pancevo, Serbia

2005  Border Disorder, SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

2005  The annual exhibition Flu_ID, Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia

2005  L’art video de Serbie, Centre culturel de Serbie et Montenegro, Paris, France

2004  A Strange Point of Tension, National Museum, Cetinje, Montenegro

2004  Transformations, Gallery Remont, Beograd, Serbia

2004  Youth Biennale, Vrsac, Serbia

2004  Border Disorder, Arhus, Denmark


                                                                     Presentations / Workshops

2012 Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 

2011 Kultura secanja/workshop Šabac, Serbia

2011 Mikser Festival,/Kids-patch, Belgrade, Serbia

2008  Akto Festival Bitola, Macedonia

2008  Art Colony, Jalovik, Serbia

2005  Speak Up, Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

2003  Speak Up, Workshop, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia

2003  How to Send Message, Workshop, NIFKA, Helsinki, Finland

2001  Stone Sculpture Symposium – Summer Academy, Salzburg, Austria

2001  Stone Sculpture Symposium, Goa, India



2004 “Vladeta Petrić – sculptor” for successes and results in sculpture, annual exhibition of student's work, Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade

2001 “Igor Belohlavek”, October Salon, National Museum, Šabac, Serbia

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